The Value of a Multi-State Carry Permit – The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

I am certain that you have heard of at least one story of someone carrying a firearm across their state lines and having to prove to the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) in a neighboring State that they have a valid reciprocal permit and/or are not aware of the correct method of transporting a firearm across state lines.

The truth is the majority of Law Enforcement Officers are not equipped with the entire United States’ firearms reciprocity list at that moment on the side of the road or immediately in their heads. Granted, several States are more lenient in that regard and others, not so much. However, the fact remains that as gun owners and defensive gun carriers we don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of figuring all that out with the LEO while travelling across States.

As much as it is a Constitutional right to own a firearm, it is our responsibility to be versed in the carry laws of our home State, as well as those States to and through which we plan to travel. The simple and practical solution is to apply for and acquire a multi- state permit that supplements your home State license/permit and allows you to carry your defensive firearm in many more States whenever you travel for work or recreation. This simply extends your right of carry, allowing you to feel and be safer at all times.

The State of Utah has a very successful non-resident Concealed Firearm Permit program, issuing approximately 1000 permits a week and growing each year.

The Utah CFP is regarded as the most sought after, valuable and cost-effective non-resident permit today. It is issued upon the completion of a 4 hour theory class given by a Certified Instructor from the Utah BCI: Bureau of Criminal Identification. There is no testing or live fire and anyone over 21 years with a good record can apply. Once you get your photo id permit it is valid for five (5) years, and only costs a mere $15 to renew; easily by mail or online. No need to take the class ever again!

I am Jonathan Wallace II and my company Native Executive Security is at the forefront of the Security Industry, Firearms Training and Executive Protection. It is our focus to help our clients and students better protect themselves. As a Certified NRA, NC Department of Justice, and Utah BCI Instructor I alone have taught at least 1000 new students in the last year, each of them enjoying the Utah CFP benefits today.

I teach many students, on the range and in the classroom, and in every class I reiterate the value of knowing the law and the necessity of a multi-state permit. You will no doubt get more than a permit out of this class. The class is divided into two sections: Firearms familiarity and firearms law. For some it is an introduction and for others a refresher. Either way the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class as I teach it is very informative.

Just as we continually need to practice safely and accurately using our firearms, so must we all stay aware of the changing laws and regulations in our communities and our States.

Join me for a class and get your multi-state Utah Concealed Firearm Permit too!

-For now, from a determined and devoted voice, God bless you and may God truly Bless America.

Jonathan W Wallace II