Do you train children to shoot?

Yes! We are very excited to be one of the very few companies willing to train youth in the safety and handling of a firearm in order to create good habits they will keep for life. Our minimum age requirement is 8 for a youth safety course and 16 for the Handgun 90° and up courses

Do you offer private classes?

Absolutely we do! Prices vary on group size

Is there a veteran’s discount?

Yes, we value our troops and veterans! And a family, group rate too

Do you accept credit cards?


How do I reserve my spot in a class?

Send us an email/ message on facebook. A 50% deposit is required to secure your seat/ place in any class.

Where do you conduct training?

Anywhere it’s needed, we do travel and teach throughout the USA when requested. We are based in Noblesville IN, and teach our firearms range portion in Noblesville and classroom portion either at your facility/ home/ office/ or conference room in Noblesville, IN

Can I get a gift card for someone?

Sure you can, just let us know what you need it for and we can e-mail it directly.

Can i use my own firearm to train?

Yes, we suggest that you use your own. If you do not have one we have a variety for you to try and our instructors are well versed in guiding you to purchase the right one for your needs and abilities

Can I rent eye/ear protection from you?

Safety come first, we always have extra on the range

Can I get hurt doing Krav Maga?

Well, it is a defensive maneuver course so there is always a chance of some bruises. This is why we train. Please note this course is not a fitness class and is only available to individuals 13 and over 

Do I have to take 90° first?

Yes, P360° works on training building blocks and require all our students to have the same foundation in order to fully benefit