The Constitutional Paladin – In defense of the past, for the future

As I contemplate the challenges facing Americans today and as I listen daily to interpretations thereof, both on the streets and in the media, I am continually stunned to realize how the foundations of this Nation are in jeopardy of nearing complete destruction. How have we come so far and not retained the wisdom to “hasten and retrace our steps, and to regain the road which alone leads us to peace, liberty and safety”? -Thomas Jefferson

The American spirit was conceived in defiance of the chains of oppression; born out of tyranny and anguish; a spirit of free, unyielding, faithful, resilient, diligent and bold men seeking to end Americas’ “patient sufferance” and secure her “safety and happiness”.

This spirit like a fire sweeping the nation, burned in the hearts of every patriot who refused to submit to the trampling of their God given inalienable rights, and who steered their own destiny through dignity.

The founding Fathers, knowing they had to give this spirit a structure that would enable it to endure the generations, embodied it in the frame of the Constitution.

Just as the human body encases the spirit, The United States Constitution gave the American spirit its body. The Bill of Rights further strengthened this body with the consciousness of right and wrong; the ability to feel and to have morals, values and virtue while knowing defeat and triumph, humility and glory.

American society today is generally treating the Constitution as if it is dead, conducting an autopsy and justifying the cause of death as “expired”!

One cannot swear an oath to something that is dead, and one certainly cannot conduct an autopsy on something that is alive. Furthermore, one cannot swear an oath to a set of principles that can be changed, impacted, defied or altered on a whim, or on the current wave of political and societal views.

The Constitution is not a simple nostalgic document; it is a body that carries in it the American spirit; the definition of what it means to be an American and the responsibility and privilege that go hand in hand with that definition. The Constitution, rigid in its existence, is very much alive. It outlines the very code which we, as Americans, should abide in order to continue to secure our free society and our fundamental liberties.

How can those who have chosen not to exercise their rights, as ordained in and protected by the Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights, call for dissolution of those very rights either collectively or individually, thus revoking that opportunity from those who do choose to exercise them? Simply, it is not their right to redefine, oppose, or worse yet, erase these very rights from the socio-political tapestry that binds this Nation as a whole. The partnership of principle that led to the solid constitutional body we possess in America is proof enough that what happens tomorrow depends on what “We the People” do today.

Should there be more than one position on what is a right? Should an opposing side, opinion, position or argument even be considered if it defers from the ONE right? This question pertains to our natural, God given rights as well as our defined rights in the foundational law of our land. Surely a believer in the divine providence of these United States knows the value herein.

The difference in opinion has brought has created a redefinition in the standards of freedom and liberty as we know it. Simply put, redefining our founding documents rewrites history. There is only one definition of liberty to an American; it is the definition of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and the countless champions of the rights of mankind, along with the millions who have laid down their lives in seeking to protect that very definition. To redefine our rights and liberties is to blaspheme their sacrifices and the edificial documents which are so highly regarded the world over.

The current administration along with the liberal mass media have manipulated and controlled over half of us, and they think they have intimidated the other half into believing the “need” for change and the “outdated” nature of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The truth is, as long as we have the tried, tested, and proven application of the rights and liberties bound in the founding documents, along with our remembrance of those patriots who fought and died to guarantee those rights, we should never be intimidated, for we know our right to stand up and embody that same spirit, to recognize and act against that manipulation which seeks to nullify our Nations’ foundation at its core.

These documents were not written for one generation alone, but with securing “the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” in mind. Todays’ progressive society at large tends to believe that these foundations are inapplicable to progress, when in fact they are the Keystone to progress. They believe that they were written for a time of flint-locks, horse drawn carriages, and dirt roads. Do they then believe that these great men, these inventors, engineers, forward thinking, inspired and destiny driven men were ignorant? Or that they did not consider the future at all? These were the men that brought us revolutionary and world-altering inventions and exemplary authorship and government admired and replicated by nation after nation to this day. Could these men not think beyond a flint-lock?

Yes, I say, they could and they did; for to be destiny driven you must be forward thinking! The constitution was not created by chance or mere incident; each and every line was meticulously calculated in boldness, with confidence in its durability and longevity. This is not merely an opinion, it is fact, and history will defend it.

In a time when practicing tolerance is far more prevalent than practicing leadership we must look backward in order to move forward. We must convert retreat into advance. “This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off, or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

This generation of Americans is so consumed by our individual rights that we have forgotten and turned away from what is truly right and the true definition of our God given rights. People have become so afraid of standing up against the evisceration of the Constitution, and “political correctness” in which we are forced to live, for fear of… being singled out by the IRS….for example! We live in a society where good is called evil and evil is called good. Progressives have created an acceptable environment for that which is NOT right or by definition A right, that they condemn anyone or anything that comes against it. This is an extreme perversion of the foundation of our predecessors.

In recent times it is increasingly difficult to turn on the radio or television and listen to the deceptive eloquence of our current politicians and law-makers that seem to hypnotize us; thus desensitizing us to the corruption and degradation going on around us… simply because of clever speech. The President can simply throw out a witty line in response to a concerned citizen and the petty liberal crowd goes wild.

In shaming and rebuking a politician, one must realize that the shame and rebuke must also fall on those who ALLOW themselves to be misguided. Society is stupefied by the recurring promises to “do the right thing” in the ongoing tirades against those who choose to practice “Americanism” in its truest form .That is ALL we hear, and ALL we see anymore.
Sadly, the era of the supremacy of political correctness appears to be reigning.

We have been told to set aside the moral and virtuous foundations of this Nation; the virtues which enabled Americas’ greatness to shine and which set an example for the world to follow. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people; it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”- John Adams

Quite simply, it is time that “we the people” in order to return to a more perfect union, must be the paladins for the past and paladins of posterity, defenders of The Constitution.

-For now, from a determined and devoted voice, God bless you and may God truly Bless America.

Jonathan W Wallace II