Protection 360° Academy

Firearms Training: 90° 180° 270° 360°


Handgun 90°: 2 day Theory and Range

This course is the foundation of all P360° Handgun training.

Introduction to safety, firearms, handling, basic legal theory, marksmanship, and range vernacular

Basic level $225

Handgun 180°: 2 day Theory and Range

Includes Home defense/ concealment & coverage shooting/ door clearing/ movement in shooting /defensive Shooting outside the home

 Intermediate level $325

Handgun 270°: 2 day Range only

Tactical/ Teams/Low Light Shooting / Positional shooting/ Apertures

Advanced Level $425

Handgun 360°: 3 day Theory and Range

Tactical/ Team shooting with drills/ Night Shooting/ Includes Trauma Block and Rescue  

Expert level $525

Introduction to Handguns:

No handling of firearms- theory only

4 Hour Adult class: $ 85

2 Hour Youth class ( 8 years +): $45

Youth Class includes Q&A and NES P360° firearm safety pledge

Multi-State Carry Permit Class: Utah

Valid for 5 years and only $15 to renew $95

Situational Awareness

Includes Back to School/College Safety and personal awareness

2.5 hour Awareness and Theory of Self Defense Seminar $55

Laws Governing the Use of Deadly Force

Federal and State laws. Travel and self- defense

2.5 hour seminar $45

Counter the Threat Active Shooter Workshops

4.5 hour Active Shooter Training: Classroom and on site drills $95

2.5 hour Seminar: Presentation of “Run.Hide.Fight” Protocol $55

Krav Maga® Self Defense Workshop: 6 hours

Ladies Only/ Co-ed/ Families:

Based on the Ronny Kluger method of the Israeli Military Style of Self –Defense

90° $125

2 Hour Home Security Plans and Assessment:


CPR/AED & First Aid Certification AHA:

On site at your facility (Large Group rate options)


Anti-Human Trafficking Seminars* $100 p/h 

Urban Rifle Course:

Manipulation of a long gun in an urban setting:  low light/ barricade shooting/ various distances/ teams communications 

2 days each level ( only two levels)

180°: $350

360°: $425

Executive Protection Training *Coming to Indiana in 2019


Please note that all students receive a course completion certificate. Note: All courses do not include Ammunition or eye/ ear protection