Media or Marionettes? The propaganda in the current gun-control fiasco

Who is the media answerable to? Do they practice their profession based on a series of guidelines, a code if you will, that obliges them, as individuals and companies to meet certain moral, ethical, and veritable accountability standards?

The answer is simple. They should, but do not! They are answerable to the public; the people to whom they broadcast, for whom they write and to those masses who tune in to hear the truth. The truth itself has, however, sadly become subject to interpretation. When it comes to reporting there should be no grey areas. If the ice is cracked, don’t walk on it! Solid, founded journalism is all but dead. Today it’s all about entertainment, ratings, and self-indulgence. These anchors are not justified in holding themselves in such high regard. Also, the majority of the population has become naive in believing all its being fed.

All mass media essentially have two functions: to be the mouthpiece of the people and to provide information to the nation; at least that is how it was intended to be. The media are meant to keep those in power in check. As I see it, the trending change over the last 40 years or so is that they are being swung in the preferred direction of the elite, of those in power; just as marionettes in a puppet show manipulated by each limb to cater to the desires of those puppeteers who write the scripts and know the plots. They choose not to use their ability to fully divulge and disclose and debate. They themselves have attached the strings by which they are controlled.

There is a definite line between clear, objective investigative reporting of the news and the {almost commonplace} pushing of political policy. Fact: It is not the media’s job to push policy agenda. The mass media have put themselves on a metaphorical pedestal, pretentiously speaking as though they are the voice and conscience of America and Americans, bypassing their fundamental roles! Simultaneously, as all the information is presented, a platform for debate is supposed to be created. A platform where professional, studious, and expert knowledge on both sides of a matter is put forward and objectively mediated. Sadly many media institutions themselves are no longer objective and do not play the role of middle man as they ought to.

The media’s “job is only to hold up the mirror- to tell and show the public what has happened.”- Walter Cronkite

If a debate is undertaken by two experts, and supposed to be regulated by a non-partisan body, contending sides on a subject should be arguing, validating and justifying their opinions to the viewers, readers, listeners, i.e. the voters. Do you agree? Why then are the said experts in the field as it pertains to Guns, and the ownership thereof being hounded and put in a corner by non-experts who are uneducated in the field such as CNN s’ Piers Morgan, who blatantly and clearly sits on his throne of one sided policy agenda behaving like the pawn he is. Why is a rejected Brit, who has next to no knowledge of firearms, offering ignorant opinions on US ways of Life? And why are US corporations giving him the stage on which to do so? Furthermore, there is no equal face time for both sides on his show, or any leftist media report of any kind. The arrogance and ignorance with which he and the droves of reporters like him interrogate those who believe in the principles of our founding documents further exemplifies the bias with which the news is brought to the people. The clear distortion of the truth through the perversion of “freedom of the press” has created an evident rift between the true American patriots who choose to further investigate and seek the truth, and those who sit idly by and passively believe the watered down, half-truths and partial stories they are being indoctrinated with.

“I am all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Attrition by definition is the “wearing down and/or weakening” of resistance… as a result of continuous pressure …”Sound familiar? Oppression over time almost guarantees submission. This is the framework for the current governments’ agenda, a cause they are filtering through the mass media. “And that’s the way it is!”- Walter Cronkite

A simple comparison between several States’ Gun carry laws plainly exemplifies this point. Many residents in overtly liberal states such as Illinois, California, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts … for instance, are astounded at the fact that an out-of state carry permit allowing a citizen to carry a loaded firearm in multiple states even exists i.e. Florida and Utah. They do not know how to react to the possibility of such a permit, even though they are pro 2nd Amendment. Clearly they have been subjected to oppression by attrition!

Mr. Obama, when announcing his 23 Executive Actions on Gun Control, collaborated with the extensive liberal media to play on the emotions of the American people by using Children props to further “weaken… {Our}…resistance” to the destruction of our Constitution. Is it not ironic how perfectly Obamas’ lethal policy agenda fits the chamber of the weapon that is the leftist media? I am angry at how fickle Obama is to demand legislation based on the wants of children. Children do no wrong in expressing their opinions, they are immature and inexperienced. But the notion of overturning the foundations of the country based on these expressions is absurd, albeit better than any advice Biden can offer!

I would like to remind the President, his cabinet and all elected officials along with any public servant who takes the all-encompassing oath to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of The United States; that it is simply not a citation of tradition, or an oath to “The Party”, but an unequivocal promise that demands obedience to its entirety. It is abhorrent how Senator Feinstein believes that she is upholding her oath of office as she proudly shreds though the Amendments of this sacred document; how the President can make demands of the nations’ people to give up our rights and freedoms that were so courageously and painstakingly procured .It is the Act, the blood… not just the ink on the paper that symbolizes our freedom today, Mr. President. You cannot simply erase the sacred honor that embodies our Constitution by writing over it. You are bound by this Oath, it is your duty, your purpose, your obligation not to allow anyone foreign or domestic to come against any portion of The Constitution; failure to do so in any way is clearly NOT Preserving, Protecting or Defending the Foundations that have made this Nation awe-inspiring and the beacon that it is in this world. As the leader of the United States of America, you are not solely supposed to be a Statesman who holds a veto pen and panders to the desires of your constituents. Your ultimate duty is to one end alone, and by your declaration on January, 20th, 2013 as a citizen of these United States I expect you to fulfill this Oath of Office you hold.

Again, I must I express my complete agreement with The 2nd Amendment and the intention of our forefathers that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. It cannot be better put than in the words of George Washington;

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American peoples’ liberty teeth and keystone under Independence…from the hour the pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace ,security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable…the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference-they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”.

For now, from a determined and devoted voice, God bless you and truly, God bless America-
Jonathan W Wallace II